Not so fantastic things:

-Sickness. The other day I thought to myself, "I haven't had a cold yet this year!" And then BAM. Now that it has come - it will. not. leave. And, let me tell you, my coughing fit in front of the entire Governor's staff was super attractive.
-Being a single lady this week. D comes home tomorrow! Hooray!
-Had my family fix this past weekend [which was awesome], but really missing my out of town girlfriends. Really really.

Fantastic things:

-One of my best friends had a baby tonight. Welcome to the world Noah James Arant! There are no words to explain the joy! Much much more on this later.
-The fact that my hubs is sitting under the teaching of John Piper as. we. speak. It's fantastic because I know just how glad he is to be there.
-This hairbrush. What hero of mine genius came up with this?
-A post on etiquette by Joanna Goddard. As an etiquette-believer [to an extent], this may be one of my favorite posts yet. And the illustrations. Oooh the illustrations.
-Being asked to be a part of a blog tour to promote a very special book. More about that tomorrow!


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