our first columbia experience [part two]

Because we had a successful Friday afternoon, we got play on Saturday! Well, half of Saturday. It seems like Dustin hasn't slept in since...our honeymoon. So Saturday morning was a no-alarms-allowed kind of day. I woke up at 8. I'm looking at you, full time job. We didn't leave the room until 1 PM for two reasons:

Good reasons, don't you think?

After our overly-portioned brunch we waddled gracefully strolled around one of my favorite places - a used book store. Old brick walls filled with quirky used books and quirky people.

I've always believed that Louisiana has the most beautiful capitol building. I could possibly be biased because I work there. And South Carolina's capitol could possibly rival it.

We may have driven back to the house and peered in the windows. Just one more time. Then I told it we'd see it in about a month. We both cried a little. Me and the house - not me and Dustin. Actually, no one cried.

From the house we drove D's daily commute to the neighboring town of Orangeburg. What is another reason I'm Albamarle's biggest fan? They have lots of signs surrounding the entrance to the offices and plant which talk about safety. I especially liked the one that was filled with pictures of all the employees' children which said "a few hundred reasons why safety is our top priority." You think it's cheesy? You're right. And I love cheesy.

Orangeburg is a little bit of a diamond in the rough. Its best redeeming quality? The fact that it has the Festival of Roses and this permanent garden:

Are you still breathing? I wasn't either.

Next to the garden is a beautiful black river, wilderness walkway, and sensory garden. I felt all outdoorsy and stuff. Note the word "felt." I'm trying my best for my outside-loving husband.

The rest of the day was filled with more Garmin-following and even more sight seeing from the front seat.

I think we're going to like it there.

[Time to start planning your visit.]

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