easter weekend

Hi, um, I'm Meagan. I used to blog here. Who knew I could kill a habit so quickly? Now only if I could say no to free bread at La Madelines or floss daily.

It was a very Montgomery, very sunny, very...perfect Easter weekend.

How about I just go ahead and show off the zillion pictures that I took of Audrey? I just can't help myself. Maybe we'll talk a little after. 

Did this proud aunt lose you yet? Be thankful - that was the narrowed-down version. I hope and pray to always have a special relationship with Audrey. I plan to be a nearly overly-involved Aunt Meg. Being the baby of the family, it has been a new experience for me to know a closely related family member from the beginning of their life. And I can't wait to start all over again with Baby Anna!

When I wasn't taking pictures of Audrey, I was enjoying the comfort of family time as looming changes draw nearer. As excited I am about this upcoming move, moments of verge-of-panic slight nervousness have occurred lately. Reasons? Saying goodbye to our Baton Rouge community, both parents being 10+ hours away, and leaving CrossPoint. I'm thankful that the Lord has provide us with a constant. Molly and Brandon will still be less than 6 hours away, just as they are now, providing a great meeting place for my side of the fam. Franklinton will, of course, still be quite the haul but forever worth it.

We may not know what house we'll live in or if Dustin will absolutely love his job or how many times I'll get lost, but I know that, when we're all together, we'll tell the same stories over and over, make fun of the same personality quirks, and eat. A lot.

Speaking of eating, we did some of that. Ok - I was full the entire weekend. You can blame part of it on the chocolate-shaped eggs. And the rest of it on the biggest honey-baked ham you've ever seen.

If you're ever in the Montgomery area, may I suggest Sinclair's in Old Cloverdale. It's a totally charming old gas station turned eatery that has something everyone will like. On Saturday afternoon, Mom, Molly, and myself spent a whiiile at the wonderful Publix getting groceries for Easter lunch. I know it is a little ridiculous to get excited about a grocery store, but I'M SO EXCITED TO SHOP AT PUBLIX. Goodbye College Wal-Mart. Hello coupons and a friendly faces. I may or may not Google Map the distance between possible rent houses and nearest Publix in Columbia.

Pretend I didn't say that.

The lengthy grocery shopping trip was greatly worth it as cooking with the girls was great [as always] and Easter lunch was painfully delish.

I made this salad:

Green leaf lettuce
Spring mix greens
Green onions
Mandarin oranges
Chopped walnuts
Goat cheese
Raspberry vinaigrette

Hopefully it balanced out the four [amazing] casseroles that were different, yet looked very similar. Something with cheese and cream and carbs and hidden vegetables. We're Southern, OK? 

To top off all this goodness, I even had some time for a little crafting to help Moll prep nursery #2!

Overall, a blessing of a weekend. And now you know all about it. Sorry for all the...words. I had to make up for lost time!

Tomorrow - a very belated report of a shower for the precious Rebecca!

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