house dreamin'

Hope you enjoyed yesterday's second tour [non-culinary] around Columbia. Are you planning your visit yet? Are you tired of me demanding you come visit?

So I may not be able to stop thinking about the nesting/decorating that is to come when we move into this little house of ours. I've even transitioned from a "Nesting Dreams" board to a "Realistic House Planning" board on Pinterest. Because, let's be honest, most of those magazine-worthy photos are exactly how they were originally categorized: dreams. Also, my name is Meagan and I am an over-pinner. There. I said it.

And even though I am an over-pinner, I sometimes feel a little bit of bitterness towards the beloved Pinterest. Mainly in those moments that the inspiration excitement turns into fogged-out inspiration overload which leads to a total personal breakdown where I sit rocking back and forth in a dark corner for hours asking myself if I really do like chevron prints or are all the pins just getting to me.

That's not totally true. I don't normally rock back and forth.

This is an effort to filter through all of that inspiration and excavate my true taste in the world of interiors [which comes from growing up surrounded by estate sale finds and pink roses printed on something in every room].

[via, via, aaaad via]

And I don't think I'm a fan of the basic chevron print. See how deep I can be sometimes? Know thyself, people.

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