a travel-themed shower for rebecca

Meet Rebecca. She is a dear friend and soon-to-be fellow newlywed. I have had the humble privilege of walking through newlywed life with Bec on Monday nights. Well, on those Monday nights when our brimful schedules [and the stars] align. Most of the time, I stare at her sweet smile and think about all of the things she is teaching me instead of the reverse. But we know it is the Lord that is our teacher. Those times have been so precious to me, and it is incredible to see the similarities in the men in our lives and the turns that lie ahead for each of us.

Daniel and Rebecca lead a life of devoted followership. It is heart-moving the way Bec's face lights up when she talks about her love for overseas missions. They are even spending the last part of their honeymoon at the orphanage they've both spent time at in Guatemala. I mean, come one. How incredible!

For the love of a themed party and in reflection of the soon-to-be Jackson's love for the nations, we had ourselves a vintage travel-themed shower. After all the blessings of our wedding-partying [which seems like eight years ago instead of one], I couldn't wait for opportunities to celebrate the marriages of other friends. I've said this before: It may just be a party to some, but to me [and probably to most brides] its a way of saying that we want to celebrate this life-change, we believe in the union, and we stand beside you to nourish its success.

Here a few pictures from that Sunday afternoon. Bec was the most gracious bride! You may wonder where we found all of the globes and maps to make this travel-theme come to life. Little did I know, Sandy [one of the wonderful hostesses] collects maps and atlases. Like an enough-to-fill-a-house collection. Could that be more perfect?!

Daniel even braved the room full of ladies by paying us a visit [and helping move heavy stuff!] at the end of the shower. Aren't they the cutest?!

We had an incredible group of hostesses who were all ladies from our Wednesday night Home Group. This is the group that causes me to cry [just about] every night after I leave the Morrison's home. I've never had a multi-generational community that I could walk so closely with and feel so loved by. I want to take all of them to South Carolina with us! I told them that, since the shower was over, I was going to miss the dozens of planning emails that we exchanged per day. Maybe now I'll ask them what I should cook for dinner or wear to work the next day or...something.

We also have not mastered the squat and/or hip pop, if you can't tell. A for effort, people. My dear friend Caitlyn [the adorable blonde in aqua] snatched my camera and took this picture of my "I'm so excited to be decorating for a shower" face. There are few things that I love more!

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  1. I loved themed showers and the globes are cute cute cute!