wedding wednesday: giver of gifts

Have you ever taken the love language test? It's definitely insightful. I'm cautious to not allow the results of this test to become binding. Or to let them become an entitlement to be loved a certain way. But it's definitely an interesting way to [quickly] learn about how to love your significant other better. Which, of course, is great!

Among others, gift giving is a way that I both show and receive love. It's not the gift or the style or the price or anything like that. It's the thought. I am blessed when someone says, "I thought this looked like you." It's a quiet echo of the fact that we, as humans, long to be known.

I enjoy grabbing my cell phone and typing myself a reminder after hearing someone say they love/want/can't live without something. Only problem is that I have these lists that say something like "mom-head wrap, casserole, guys-mag, meter plate." Maybe I should be more specific. 

With it being super wedding season, I've noticed lots of unique gifts for the bride-to-be [which fits the description of about a bazillion friends. LOVE IT!]. Here's my round-up:

  • Hand stitched dish towels. I'm already a sucker for these but add the wedding and bird factors in there and I'm totally done for. I've been stalking these for a while.
  • Personalized hangers to top of the bride's most important purchase of all time - the wedding dress!
  • A notepad to keep up with all those wedding planning to-do's. 
  • The cutest coffee mugs I've ever laid eyes on. 
  • Tervis tumblers. Great on their own. Better with a touch of wedding. [D and I love ours]
  • Luggage tags for the honeymooners.
  • Totally chic personalized totes for the busy bride. 

Happy purchasing!

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