wedding wednesday: the send off

One of the zillion must-do's concerning the wedding that runs through my head is what to have our guests pelt as us as we're running away. Weird tradition, isn't it? But I can't help thinking that it's just got to be one of the most fun moments for the bride and groom!

I haven't been able to decide if we should go with a new and creative idea or stick with the classic. When I envision it, I can only picture all of my favorite old wedding movies where the happy couple run through a shower of rice. And since rice has supposedly become a hazard for the birds [and I'm definitely not down for endangering any of my favorite creatures], I'm leaning towards the bird seed option.

With so many adorable ideas out there, it's hard to choose!

  • Love this easy DIY cone with instructions. 
  • But I love a cone made out of doily MORE. 
  • Ecofetti is biodegradable and water soluble so all you have to do is pray for a post-reception rain shower. And they have lots of colors to mix and match.
  • A little bird seed. A little sewing machine. Totally doable. 
  • Paper airplanes - super creative for a super cool couple. 
  • I feel like these need a little explaining. I don't do heart-shaped items...normally. Not a fan of heart jewelry, heart decor. Nothing against it, but it's just not my thing. But there is something totally cutesy about these heart sparklers.

I'll be on the hunt [meaning, Googling] for rice-shaped, white birdseed. So if you see any at your local home garden store, let me know.

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  1. We did lavender buds...smelled great AND Eco friendly! Just an idea!