wedding wednesday: the honeymooners

In celebration of the honeymoon being paid for and 100% ours [hooray for saving our pennies!], I'd thought I'd share a few honeymoon must-haves. Don't get any ideas. All products strictly pertain to day-time, public activities. Feeling awkward now...

  • Picture-esque beach tote
  • The perfect J Crew tankini
  • Floral shades
  • Digital underwater camera
  • Tory Burch flip flops. Trying to talk myself out of liking these so much. Thanks, big sis. 
  • So much cuter than a naked passport. 
  • Perfectly chic and, most importantly, super comfy maxi
  • Extra large, wire-brimmed, packable sun hat. This is the way to go!
  • Beach blanket. With pillows?! Yes, pa-lease.

My brain is definitely somewhere sunny and sandy instead of barricaded in my room with books and notes and scantrons and coffee. Just one more test is standing in my way of being totally completely fully done with college. FOREVER! 

And since it is Wedding Wednesday, it's a perfect time to give a little shout out to my dear dear friend Tay. Friends since we were two. Moms are besties. Dads work together. And Tay and I...well...we're both engaged!!! Congrats to David...he's one lucky guy!!

I solemnly swear to be a better/more creative/more faithful blogger after my completion of college [aka in 48 hours!]

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