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As a part of this little mini face-lift, I've added some pages and links underneath our blog banner. I wanted to quickly share our way of keeping our bucket list which you can find here.

Like the page says, we were [like many engaged couples] big dreaming of what this life is going to look like as we were wrapping our minds around the fact that we get to share it. Forever. Lord willing.

In high school, I had a thin, heavily creased piece of paper tucked away in my wallet with a list of life goals. When Dustin and I started comparing notes and merging lists, it turned into a quick craft project. Shocker.

I used:
  • A cheap spiral-bound sketch book off Hobby Lobby's clearance rack
  • A scrap of muslin fabric [super inexpensive and gives it that natural look] [next time I would cut it using pinking shears]
  • My typewriter alphabet stamps and black ink pad
  • Two colors of cross-stitching fabric [and a needle, of course]

For the front, I measured how much fabric it would take to wrap the strip around the entire cover and secure on the inside. I marked off the area that would show on the front so I could have my title centered. I stamped the words, obviously, and stitched the bucket.

Don't let the embroidery scare you. I am no expert, yet I incorporate this into craft projects fairly often. I have found that the back stitch is simple while still looking solid. You can draw or trace your design with a light pencil before it if would make you feel better. I probably should have done that here - my bucket got a little crooked.

After it was all done, I secured it on the inside cover by hot gluing the two ends together and then then the strip to the cover.

I wanted the book to not only hold our list, but memories of times when we checked off those items. For each goal that we had on our list so far, I designated a page for it with the alphabet stamps. I don't seem to have the stamina for all of scrapbooking's layers and stickers and paper, so I plan for this to be a simple photo glued to the page and a recap of the best moments.

Here's to stuffing that book starting...now.

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  1. So cute...Good luck on all your must do's!! :)