wheelin' and dealin': the maxi skirt

Ladies and gentleman, the hunt is over.

I know. With maxi skirts being superbly popular this season, there are shelf-fulls every where you look. Trust me, I know. I've tried on every last one of them. The girls at Dillards probably whisper to one another, "there's that crazy girl coming to try on more maxi skirts," whenever they see me.

I guess I was being a little picky. And, for a girl whose mama and sister taught her how to wear flattering clothes, the bod wasn't loving the maxi. I had pretty much given up the search. And then I went to Forever 21.

Oddly enough, I cannot find this skirt on F21's website so I've posted a very similar style from Top Shop. But that doesn't stop me from sharing. Why? Because it was $12.50. Full price. Black non-knit maxi skirt. $12.50. Cheap and body-loving. 100% worth the digging/hunting through Forever. Oh and comfortable. My gracious it's comfortable. And it was $12.50.

Get yourself a fall maxi.

But no maxi-wearing for me this weekend. Just boots and jeans and button downs. We're headed to the Washington Parish Fair [the largest free fair in the country!] and could not be more excited after this ca-razy week of ours. Photos to come!


  1. Ok, 1. How did I not know you had this precious blog before?! Added to my reader & lists, stat!
    2. I just bought the cutest maxi at Old Navy. Yes, you read that right. Old Navy. $30. Uhmayzing.

    Have fun this weekend!


  2. Hi blake! Thanks for commenting! I'm a Fearless reader :) Maybe we'll have to do some blog collaborating/supporting! Still trying to find my way around in the blogosphere. I should at least be a better commenter.

    Thank goodness for good deals for us recent Sociology grads, right??

  3. Oh yes I just went to F21 today and there they were...Great deal...especially because you never know when it will be "out of style"...

  4. I'm glad to know I'm not the only super picky person when it comes to shopping. I'm glad you finally found one!