mantel excitement and a download!

The mantel happens to be something D and I were both very excited to have in our little apartment. Me, because I couldn't wait to decorate it. He actually just appreciates what's underneath - the fireplace. He cannot wait to burn some firewood when it gets colder. Us Louisianians might be on the verge of colder weather. Oh please, oh please!

Decorating and fires aside, my hope is that, even if we're in apartment 235 for short amount of time, that this beloved mantel and fireplace will offer friends and family a place to gather. We're learning how to nestle those times into D's ever-so-insane schedule. I'm beginning to think he's superman. Secret is out, mister.   

Our newlywed space is just about put together, but consider this a preview. Besides, everything else has been lived in and is not so photo-ready.

Here's the breakdown:

1. The height:  dried wheat. I'm into wheat these days.
2. The anchor:  a large empty frame with my book page wreath that I made my junior year of college while Dustin, Katelyn and I were watching a movie. It's that easy.
3. The balance:  one of my prized possessions. My sister gave me this piece by Montgomery artist Donnie Sasser.
4. The layer:  a reclaimed wood frame [which adds a little shab] that I got supa-cheap at T.J. Maxx. Similar one here.
5. Fillers:  Lots of mercury glass. Thanks to the wedding, its on every surface of our home. If you want some of your own, Ballard Designs has a great assortment. My favorites are silhouettes that D gave me for my birthday.
6. More layers and inspiring words:  a print I made of 2 Corinthians 12:9 with the ever-popular chevron print [see below]. It's an 8x10 and you can download it here. I printed it on a professional printer on cardstock and put it in a floater frame which I bought with my 40% Hobby Lobby coupon.

If I'm honest with myself, I'll get antsy and this mantel will be changing soon. And I'll probably decorate it for Christmas on November 28.


  1. Love the mantel and the download! I might be using that for a gift. Now that I'm living in Kansas (the land of wheat) you can think of me when you see the wheat on your mantle :).

  2. I will CERTAINLY think of you from now on! you'll have to see the mirror that I got from an estate sale. More wheat!

    I still want to help you with your blog banner, like you asked. Will get with you ASAP! SO glad you're blogging again :)

  3. oh i am so jealous of a fireplace/mantel, we are renting a house and still don't have a fireplace. and yours is absolutely ah-door-able!

  4. thanks, caitlyn! you can live vicariously through my mantel, and i'll live vicariously through your craft room!

  5. Wow looks great! I am jealous!

  6. I'm drooling over the little owl match holder. the mantle is super cute too! love the empty frame!