Montgomery Holiday Market

Last weekend, I headed near the home of the those poor, defeated tigers to check out the Montgomery Holiday Market. Like many cities, it is put on by the Montgomery Junior League and my sister just happened to be the chairman this year. As in: first in command. Top dog. You get the picture.

I couldn't miss seeing an entire year's worth of meetings and to-do lists and emails come together. And I knew, if Molly had the reigns, it would fabulous! It's safe to say that my mom's two girls got heavy doses of the take charge/planning gene.

There were great decorations:

And it was fun to get a pre-season taste of Christmas:

There were lost of people:

So many that someone thought this was necessary:

There were even activities for kids:

Santa even made an appearance. Audrey loves him:

All in all, I was a proud little sis. Way to go, Moll!

The rest of the weekend was spent celebrating the event's success with rich Italian food and making Audrey's Halloween costume. More about that soon.


  1. Christmas already!!?? I love it!

  2. RANDOM RANDOM COMMENT: Last night, we had dinner with our neighbors for my Mom's birthday, and we had champagne at our house before heading to the restaurant and we were sitting around talking...and I dunno how it came up, but I brought up how much the US is a fear mongering society - "don't let your kids play in the front yard, for fear a random man in a windowless white van will snatch them up!" for example - despite the fact that lik 98.7% (made that up) of kidnappings are done by the estranged ex husband or wife. haha And I mentioned that it occasionally gets so bad, people actually put LEASHES on their kids! My neighbors though that was the craziest thing ever...I'm not in disagreement. hahaha