wheelin' and dealin': the first post of its kind

I realized, after the brilliant beyond brilliant deal-find for my sister last night, that I've been raised with a love of a good deal. Never do I buy just for the sake of a lower price. You've got to really like your purchase for the experience to be complete. And the best is when you don't realize you are getting a good deal until after you get to the register. You have successfully conquered the department store prices. Makes you want to run through the store ripping off all those little perforated price tags. No? Just me? 

And, because of that love, I've decided to attempt to regularly post these discoveries in the hopes that you'll get a share in them as well.

Deal #1: Anthropologie Shanti Paisley Bedskirt, twin size
Originally: $48.00 // Sale price: $14.95+shipping

Our guest bed is a little too neutral, and I have been looking for a bold bed skirt to mix with other patterns. Let me go a head and tell you that they only have it in a twin size. But, for $15, I might would even get it make some pretty pillows if you have larger mattresses. But you'll be seeing it on our twin guest bed.

Deal #2: Old Navy Scoop neck layer tee
Originally: $16.94 // Sale price: $12.50 [at the register]

Ok, so the price isn't that much different. In fact, I thought I was purchasing it full price until I was paying for it. It rings up for over $4 cheaper and comes in several colors. It has a pretty neckline [in the front and back] and sleeve length. Just one of those shirts you always find yourself needing when putting together an outfit.

Deal #3:  Steve Madden Ashleey Suede Wedge Boot
Originally: $149.95 [on Steve Madden's website] // Sale price: $63.47

My sister sends me a photo of boots she is trying on, I tell her no, and she tells me about these Steve Madden ones that she really wants, but they don't have her size. Us McMahone girls were blessed with ginormous feet. Anyway, I quickly Google the style and find them on 6PM for over 50% off while other stores still have them full price. Needless to say, I made her night.

Love a good deal.


  1. Congrats on your first post of it's kind! I feel privileged, like I've witnessed and participated in history in the making! :-) nice boots! :-D

  2. Great deals! I love shopping during holiday weekends (except thanksgiving)...the savings really add up!