happy birthday, little blog

Two short years ago today, I braved the blog world. And two years later, I’m very glad I did. I’m glad for the mini face lifts it has experienced. I’m glad to have been faced with why to blog and why not to blog. I’m glad for an outlet to develop in writing when sometimes I regret not majoring in journalism. Honest moment.

And that’s where you, a very important component, come in. You faithfully read and offer your kind encouragement. And, because of that, I attempt to hold myself to a little bit higher standard every time I click “New Post.” Not for the approval but for the challenge of gathering all these racing thoughts and for a commitment fulfilled. And, most importantly, a way to share this vapor of a life. I’m OK with blogging enhancing community as long as we fuse it in to our real world lives. I firmly believe the Lord made one me and one you and no one exactly the same yet every single one of us according to His flawless will. And it doesn’t seem quite right for me the blogger to be different from me the employee or me the wife and friend. Responsibilities and roles may change, but not who you are at your core. And, if it can be like that, I think the blog world and real world will continue to blend real nice like.

So let this post be strictly a thank you for your readership and support. You may have no idea that you are having this effect. But, you are. Because it takes me + you to share. And I really like to share. And, if you would be willing, I’d love to hear from you too. I’d love to hear if you relate or disagree or like something or have suggestions for how to make things better. Or how your day is or when you’re free for coffee. Anything, really.

Hopes for growth aside, I will be blissfully happy with you few loyal subscribers for ever and ever. Thanks again. And happy birthday, little blog.

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