spring break day

Everyone on LSU's campus is looking nice and sun kissed after Spring Break while I'm feeling nice and pasty. That's because our break consisted of what you could call a little real world conditioning.

I really am good with it. Really. Because real world time also means be-married-to-Dustin time. Which will be awesome.

We were both work-free on Thursday so we headed, for the day, to Baton Rouge's much cooler big sister: New Orleans. 

We spent most of the day outside soaking up as much sunshine and fresh air as humanly possible. A great change from lots-o-florescents. We did our best to blend in with the locals [except for those few hours while I walked around the zoo with a big ol' camera hung around my neck]. Attempted to fool people, really. Because compared to those Nola folks, my cool factor is lacking.

The day was packed with doing animal voice-overs at nearly every zoo exhibit, meeting the infamous Simon Hardeveld and gawking over absolutely the most perfect antique shop, my first Potsalot purchase, laying in the shade of Audubon Park's magnificent oaks, poboys at Joey K's, the greatest ice cream ever created, and a whole lot of strolling in between. We realized, with our busy lives, we almost forgot how to stroll. This day we regained the ability.

Some of the best parts were the moments where we interacted with the wonderful people of New Orleans. And their big ol' hearts. It may have been a mere 24 hours, but I am grateful for our Spring Break Day.

Check out that monkey butt. Just couldn't help myself!

 Yes, he's that good lookin' in real life too.

Pretending to be a fashion blogger. Key word: pretending. Maybe one day, huh? The blog idea wheels are turning!

Everyday should end with Creole Creamery. Though, if that happened, I may lose that boy's attention forever. Can't say I blame him!


  1. I've never been to Joey K's (sadly enough), but I LOVE Creole Creamery! My sister actually lives just a couple of miles away from the one in Lakeview, so we have all sorts of grand plans to walk there over the summer! Glad you guys had fun... I love the monkey butt! :)