wedding wednesday: fit for a queen

Number one reason I wish I was Kate Middleton: having an excuse to wear fabulous hats any time that I want.

I'm sure she has many more admirable qualities, but, let's be honest, the girl knows how to wear something on that pretty head of hers. Not to be superficial or anything.

With this being Royal Wedding Week [ohmygoshIcan'twait] and because bridal hair accessories have become quite the trend over the last couple years, I gathered a few of my current favorites.

[Taken from Tessa Kim, Twigs & Honey, BHLDN, and Etsy]

This little item is one of the many that are on the "still to be decided and purchased list." Don't worry, I don't have a tangible list with that title. Just mental. That's more sane, right? Hope so. I have noticed that these trendy pieces can be somewhat pricey. I'd encourage a little crafting bravery, which I may be tackling post-graduation [7 more days of class!!!] for a few brides-to-be. More of those projects to come!

But for the rest of this week, I'll be soaking up as much study break time with D, working on a final paper, celebrating the last Spring Banquet at the BCM, and gluing myself to the TV for the entirety of Friday morning.

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