weekend freedom

It's been a while since there was a weekend that was totally free. And it'll probably be a while until there is another one. I really am thankful for a busy schedule because it is filled with wedding planning, a God-given job, school [yesss...I'm thankful for school] and being with people I love.

But the freedom...it was nice. Here's what I did with those empty calendar days:

Had our last girls Bible study of the year. I really didn't want to see that end. We had a great time together while eating some girl talk food that I made. After that, we went to our very last TNT at the BCM. Can't believe it's been four years. It was incredibly bittersweet. I don't do endings. 

Cooked dinner [with no recipes] with this cutie.

Finally braved this movie. 

I was honestly afraid to watch it because I'm a total softy when it comes to dogs. The movie was great great great. Have I ever cried that hard? Absolutely not. 

Went to brunch with the girls. It was fabulous, needless to say.

Hunted for some spring shoes. Thank you Payless! I couldn't believe it. 

Spent Sunday morning with our wonderful church family studying Joshua and the trial of Christ. 

Went to the Flea Market of Louisiana. Major disappointment. It was real janky. Except for this pretty that I found. Talked her down and paid less than half of the original price [thanks, Mom, for the skills].

Listened to Dustin and other CP-ers with pretty voices practice for the Good Friday service. Notice that I just listened.

Saw The Conspirator with D. Really enjoyed it and even understood a lot of the fancy law terminology thanks to my Criminal Justice class. It was extra cool because I had seen Robert Redford, who was the director, beginning to film it when I was visiting Abs in Savannah last October. 

It was a full weekend! But free. And all around fab-u-lous.

On the agenda for tomorrow? Working 8:30-5. What? During spring break?

I'm thankful for my job. I'm thankful for my job. I'm thankful....

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