wedding wednesday: moodboards

We all know how gaga I am over the wedding dream-world that BHLDN has created since it's appearance on Valentine's Day. Why was I so tired on February 15th? Because I stayed up as late as humanly possible to see if the website had launched. Worth. It.

Besides being a fabulous online store for all things wedding, they've just added a feature that allows you to create moodboards from their product photos, [awesome] shots from photo shoots, other inspirational photos, and any of your own that you'd like to upload. You also get to see boards that other wedding-lovers had made and some of BHLDN's own.

Here's mine. Named it Vintage Glam. Shocker. After August 6, I really do plan to talk about things that are something other than dusty pink or grey or ivory. Or covered in lace. Or ruffly. Or vintage. I meeean, don't get me wrong. I love love LOVE that palette. Obvs...I'm using it for the wedding. And it's definitely true-to-style. It'll just be fun to think outside my muted, vintage box. But right now, with all these fabulous ideas flying around the blog-o-sphere, I've gotta stay focused. 

Speaking of weddings............MY BEST FRIEND IS ENGAGED! It still makes me want to burst into joy-filled tears all over again just thinking about hearing her tell us the big news last night. It was our best four-way phone call yet. And such an exciting surprise!! I made quite the scene outside of Middleton Library.

Aren't they a beautiful couple???

I might be in Baton Rouge, but a part of heart and mind is currently in Savannah with this new bride-to-be! What a privilege it is to have walked closely through life together from junior high through engagements. And there is so much more to come! I am BLESSED with incredible relationships, I tell you. Fiance, family, friends - I don't deserve them. But I'm so glad I got 'em!

Praising the Lord for relationships today!

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