you've got [vintage] mail

Meet my grandparents. 

Yes, they are the cutest couple you've ever seen.

Sam Morgan met Loyce Fallin at 4-H camp not too long before he enlisted in the Marines. And by "not too long," I mean two weeks. Papaw spent the next four years overseas. Once the war was over and he was back home, he popped the question after borrowing some money from his buddy for a ring. They spent four [long] years getting to know one another through countless letters signed "all my love." So, here's a relationship built on communication through letters followed by a marriage that has shown itself strong for over 60 years [and counting!]. Not too sure how to explain my love for them. They are simply my favorite people. 

A long time ago, I was snooping around their house and found a box filled with these letters. The edges were worn and paper discolored with time. Shabby letters? Yes please! My favorite part [besides the sweet and lovely writing] were the envelopes that they were tucked away in. There started my love for all things airmail.


Totally charming, don't you think? I don't know if I'll be violating some type of U.S. Mail rule, but I just may never by a plain white envelope again. 

Speaking of hand-written letters, have we all seen this beauty?

This is Love Letters bedding from Anthro. It's definitely a contender for our bedroom. It is way too much fun thinking about decorating our first home. More about that to come soon!

P.S. Go write a letter.

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