wedding wednesday: cake decisions

So, I'm slightly detailed oriented. That's why I'm almost overly enjoying this whole wedding planning process. All those check boxes in my wedding planner don't stress me out, thankfully. I think they are aaaawesome.

I've realized that one thing I haven't even thought about is the cake.

And I'm a little embarrassed. What if Franck found out?!

You see, one of my all-time-favorite movies is Father of the Bride. And Franck, their famed wedding planner, clearly teaches all of us future-wedding-lovers that "the cake more often determines what kind of wedding that you end up having. So let's just choose a cake, okay?"

If you don't know what I'm talking about, [you are a sinner] and you can see it here:

Anyway, I simply have no idea what I want. I know I'd like for it to go with the overall look. A little vintage flare would be nice. And I've collected a couple of family heirlooms for some topper options [which I'm way excited about]. Other than that...no idea. These are my favorite pictures I've collected. Aaand I'm open to suggestions. Actually, I need suggestions.

Or maybe I should just go with the wedding cake made completely of cheese: 

Yes? No? As delicious as that looks, I don't think I can pass up the classic flour and sugar combo. Just got to figure out how to make it pretty.

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  1. The lace is AWESOME and so very Meag Mac!!!!!