audrey's chick-fil-a costume

I send my sister plenty of emails with links to things that I think she'd like. Actually, probably more than she'd like. But one ordinary email [a link to a photo of a little girl dress up like a Starbucks frappuccino] led to my most beloved craft project ever: Audrey's Chick-fil-A chicken nugget box costume.

Oh my gosh. It never gets old. Could she be cuter? No. No she could not.

It turned out to be pretty simple. I used a cardboard box [actually, a box that CFA waffle fries were shipped in] which I taped the flaps to make a rectangular tunnel. I covered the box in craft paper from HobLob and cut arm holes. The logos and words were printed on a regular printer but on legal size paper and then lined up and glued on with rubber cement [which doesn't make those awful paper wrinkles]. I used the lining of an old skirt for the top. I thought fabric would be more comfortable for her. And, of course, added a little eyelet ruffle for some girly-ness.

And here she is stealing the spotlight in the neighborhood:

I bet the other parents took their kids back home out of embarrassment. Can't blame them.


  1. Goodness! Is she your mini-me, or what?! Precious, and super creative!

  2. Wow super super cute....maybe next year I will be starbucks coffee...