wheelin' and dealin': shelving

I'm a big fan of the long wall ledges with layered artwork. Those are not on my shopping list for two reasons: 1) The little newlywed budget doesn't have a category for a substantial shelving purchase. 2) I don't want to fit them in a certain space since we don't expect to be in our little apartment forever. Actuallly, I probably use #2 to rationalize #1.

Anyway, I found my solution for both problems. Small and temporary. And a little over $7. Oh yea! You can find the black versions here. Don't be fooled by that price, they had plenty of them in the store all with those glorious clearance stickers on them and can be bought in white, black, teal or magenta. Mmmm I've always wanted myself a set of magenta shelves.

They come in a set of three. I used two to expand my bedroom wall collage and one to add some substance to our bathroom walls:

Shelving. I love it. Maybe one day these little babies will grow up and turn into a ledge running around a breakfast nook covered in art and prints and photographs. Maybe.

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