fall in the 235

In high school, my mom, my sister, and myself used to take a spring shopping trip. We still do. It's just a little more difficult to arrange with all these adult schedules.

Since I was still in high school, it seemed torturous to be dragged from hone store to home store. I was just waiting to take a turn in Hollister or American Eagle. That's embarrassing. As much as I didn't care about home decor at the time, I will never forget seeing a display with a basket full of stems of cotton. It screamed Southern, and I loved it.

My trip from Baton Rouge to Ruston is often lined with cotton fields, but I've never been brave enough to snatch some while I was by myself. After we were home for Labor Day, I took advantage of my large-knife-carrying husband. Our car was so full that I had to ride home with a trash bag full of cotton on my lap for the rest of the way. Worth it. Can I get arrested for posting this?

For Fall, our home has been cotton and wheat filled. And after Abby's wedding, we came home with even more after Dustin ran down the Father of the Bride before he trashed those cotton stems. He's the best, isn't he?

All that to say, here's what Fall looks like in the 235. This also serves as proof that I have not put up Christmas decorations yet. I'm not that crazy, y'all.

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  1. <3 it....beautiful...makes me excited for christmas