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South Louisiana readers, have you ever been to a Paris Parker salon? I hope not. Don't get me wrong - I recently got my hair cut for the first time there and really loved it. They have this signature head massage thing going on when they wash your hair. Not just the normal scrub - we're talking massage. And you come out with better style and smelling all Aveda-y.

Best part was, my $45 hair cut and style only cost me $25! Why? Because of this:

I said I hope you are not a Paris Parker returning customer because this little gift card is only for first timers. Even if you've gotten your hair cut recently [the coupon expires 12/31/2011] or have a stylist-loyalty somewhere else, use it on a manicure or a massage. Get yourself a Paris Parker signature manicure for only $5!

You can find the original gift card to print here and there main website here

Enjoy some pampering for a steal. And let me see those results!

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