that crazy planner lady

Today I finally saw it. It's what all my friends, family, and husband laughingly shake their heads at. And then they keep loving me anyway.

If there is an event or holiday coming up [which there always is], I absolutely cannot stop myself from thinking about it. And planning for it. And making list concerning it. A chronic list-maker, I am. This started young. I used to read my packing list for our church's overnight kids camp around 115 times. I'm pretty sure that's accurate. And then, knowing their list wasn't sufficient, I'd make one of my own. A more detailed one, of course. And my "day of prom" schedule - I'm pretty sure I made a special heading on the computer for that one. Oh and don't even get me started on when my yearbook staff was in charge of our high school's Sadie Hawkins dance. I sketched and made lists and came up with slogans and designed posters.

And now I realize it - I'm crazy. And you know how I realized it? It was right after I finished writing this:

That's OK, right? I mean, I rarely forget things. Except to wash D's work clothes. I'll start making a list for those now. Christmas probably isn't the best example because it is the holiday of all holidays with the very best decorations and the very best events. And this holiday of all holidays, of course, calls for the list of all lists.

It may not look like it, but I do my very best to give Thanksgiving its due. I'm holding off on the music [even though I'm ITCHING to download the She&Him Christmas album] and there is not a decoration in sight. But, so that the Christmas season can commence as soon as humanly possible, I've got to be well planned:

All photos and links can be found here.

 A Jenkins Christmas = plaid and mercury glass and rustic wood and warmth and holiday Americana and the charm of yesteryear.

Alright, now you know my crazy planner side. Happy Holiday Planning to you! Unless you want me to do it for you. I will. I can make a list.


  1. Meagan,
    Just remember, no Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving! That's a wonderful holiday also and we don't want it to get lost. Bad enough that the stores had Christmas decorations before Halloween!
    Love your writing,

  2. Meagan, I love reading your blog - it is such a taste of you! Those lists make life sweet for a lot of people and they helped soooo much on some major mission trips. I'm a fan! I love you, lists and all!!

    I really just wanted to say that cause I thought it sounded cute - but hear me say it again, I love your lists and the way God has made you!!

    Mandy T

  3. Love this! I was on pintrest at the same time as you where pinning all of this, it made me very happy :)