the difference between saturdays

Last Saturday saw wide open spaces, cute puppies, chocolate cake, cute cows, and a cuter firewood-chopping husband.

This Saturday was different.

I think the guys who broke in were pretty disappointed to find out the wallet they thought they were snagging was actually my coupon book.

As wonderful as our weekend in Franklinton was, this Saturday will probably be more memorable. Memorable because it was unexpected to us [but planned by an always good God]. Memorable because the Baton Rouge Police, against the odds, caught the guy with our belongings. We are thankful for their service. Memorable because we shared in the experience of God's grace and comfort in the midst of a [somewhat] difficult situation. Memorable because we found comfort in the Lord's provision of a little emergency fund [with thanks to my Dave-Ramsey-loving husband]. And memorable because of the striking reminder of how much more fragile life is than a glass window. And how much more valuable than these fleeting possessions. I think I hugged Dustin extra tight that night when he came home.


  1. I love reading your blogs. Isn't it amazing how in the midst of what seems tragic to us God turns it into a blessing. I celebrate in God's goodness with you and Dustin. Grateful that neither of you were injured during the break-in of the car.

  2. Thank you, E!