tri-birthday weekend

Yesterday I promised this would happen soon. Told you. 

I'm happy to report that we found a place for everyone to sleep comfortably. Or at least they said they were comfortable. And I'm pretty sure the cookies and waffles-the-size-of-our-heads were a hit.

Louisiana weather gave us a break from our lovely thick and warm Winter days with a totally gorgeous sunny and cool Saturday. With the weather drawing us outdoors, we loaded up and headed to Global Wildlife. Aka - The Happiest Place on Earth. I think that was their slogan first. Yes, that's a fact.

We spent the afternoon feeding all kinds of animals and admiring our little four-year-old for her bravery. Oh, and remaining terrified of the zebras. Poor zebras - but we just wanted to keep our fingers.

I got to touch and feed a giraffe this time. Life. Complete. We had a serious connection. He looked at me, chose my feed cup, ate a little from my hand, and said, "thank you very much" afterward. Ok maybe not that last part. But in my mind, he said it. I've had too much Muppets in my short lifetime.

The rest of the weekend was filled with a reunion of the in-laws for the first time since the wedding [which was great], a whole lot of good food from Bistro Byronz and Coyote Blues, more lying around, really great cake, a disappointing estate sale, and a laughing. Lots of laughing.

We were also reminded how much Audrey loves Uncle D.

And Mr. Perry, too. Someone get this man a grandchild.

Ok everyone, it's the weekend again. You can come back now!

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  1. i love how everyone in the bistro picture has a derivative of the same facial expression! haha

    looks like a great time all weekend!