whimsy weekend

We're beginning our weekend with a get together consisting of Italian potluck and all the other young marrieds from our church and [usually] a whole lot of laughter. I'll be bringing this and this as well as attempting to recreate Gino's Laurence Bread. I can't explain it, but if you're in the area...Go. Get. Some. Now.

Then we'll  be jetting off [not really - just chugging along in our little Mazda 3] to D's parents house for some fam time and celebrating of my father-in-law's big 5-0 with a little cake that I'm planning to completely maul with buttercream after work in hopes that it'll remain upright until tomorrow.

“Garden Party” by Patrick Demarchelier for American Vogue, February 1992 [via]

For the weekend, I leave you with a little inspiration for all things Valentines and whimsy:

My big wish scarf.

A very wise pillow.

The holiday in a box.

Sweet nothings that cling to your wall.

Genius level chocolate mousse.

Beautiful must-DIY ribbons.

An adorable morning surprise.

And the cutest handmade cards.

Happy weekend, y'all. Stay warm!

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