shower inspiration

Some of my favorite memories of our entire engagement time will be our showers. I will always remember a phone call with Abs while we were both engaged when she, as she often does, took the words right out of my mouth. She told me how she was overwhelmed with the thoughtfulness and provision that she experienced through showers and parties and other ways friends and family provided for them as newlyweds. I couldn't have agreed more. It is as if those family and friends are standing beside you saying that they want you to survive and thrive, that they believe in this union, that they want you to be a part of this giant leap into a new phase of life. Knowing what a blessing that is, it makes shower-throwing much more than flowers and mini quiches punch bowls. Not that I don't love those things. I do. And pretty tea napkins, too.

So, with some betrothed as well as about-to-pop friends, I made myself baby and bridal shower inspirations boards. Enjoy - and feel free to leave more ideas below!

The excitement I feel when planning a shower or party is equal to this [prepare for a mix of my favorite SNL skit and some Jessie Spano]:

I'm not kidding. This is not an exaggeration. When we move to South Carolina, I've got to make some engaged and pregnant friends STAT.


  1. that surprise video with kristen wig literally might be my most favorite thing ever

  2. Completely agree that wedding showers can be so overwhelming when you are the bride!  I love the baby shower inspiration board - I am hosting one in April and will be stealing some of these cute ideas :)  

  3. Very cute!! I love showers...especially the ones with fun and cute ideas!

  4. Emily - I can tell you are in the midst of wedding and baby shower world as well!