three day excitement

Obviously, Christmas has been on the brain. And, yes, I jumped down the Christmas aisle at Sam's a good two months ago. But its finally that time where just the thought of getting in the car to head to my parents' house for the holidays makes my heart beat faster. If you were here to feel my pulse, I would certainly prove it to you.

I said goodbye to my little office space. 

And finished some baking [almond cake balls and short bread cookies]. 

D and I even soaked up some of the sights of Baton Rouge. 

Now. To get all of this into one of our small cars.

I've got the clinch fist, shut eyes, throw arms in the air, and twirl around kind of excitement!

In other news, does anyone else cry every time Santa speaks to that little Dutch girl on a Miracle on 34th Street? Every. Time. 

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