a christmas mantel

I think I'm turning into our resident Buddy the Elf. I literally can't stop with the Christmas decorations. The Hobby Lobby employees would probably respond with, "you again?" by now. I finally ran out of surfaces to Christmasfy. Don't worry, we're having an office decorating contest at the capitol. They should be afraid.

Here's a little glimpse of our beloved fireplace. I don't think Dustin has ever loved a possession more.
You know when you look at a word for so long that you're convinced it must be misspelled? Behold - that can't be right.
My floater frame features my favorite Norman Rockwell Christmas painting, "Christmas Homecoming." All the sweet and emotional details completely melt my heart. Whoa that was a cheesy sentence, even for me.

Our first Friday night of December? Comfort food, yoga pants, A Christmas Carol, gift-wrapping [me], and senior project doing [Dustin]. Praying my wonderful husband through these tough next six days!

By the way. Have you heard of these?! When I realized what they were, I went all Super Market Sweep on them in Target and snatched them as if someone else was going to get to them first. You've out done yourselves, m&m's.

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