I have discovered that where my priorities lie is easily perceivable. When I can wake up without an alarm in time to get coffee with a big group of some of my favorite females, it is clear. This is in stark contrast to my frequent frantic mornings of alarm punching and eating out of a 48 ounce jar of applesauce with a plastic fork on the way to work.

And as thankful as I am for a provisional job, days like today are dearly preferred. Days like today remind me how much I love being privileged to the lives of friends. How I love to know their back stories. How I love that homecoming holidays provide opportunities to ask a million questions about their futures and get an eye-to-eye report on their jobs and travels and parents and siblings and grandparents and roommates. And sometimes even their cousins. 

I relish in watching friends file through our living room and settle around the kitchen table for hours of retelling those old favorite stories. And I'm a big fan of cramming lots of voices in a grouping of comfy chairs at the local coffee shop [except we really really missed our Savannah-dwelling, new grandmother and aunt friends]. 

I'm also a big believer in fireplace-staring and ritual cookie-making. All good things making it a blessed start to the Christmas weekend. Tomorrow, I hope this Christmas Eve is your favorite and most memorable and incredibly picture-worthy. Soak it up, folks!


  1. ok I have to say, I am supremely jealous of this little morning coffee outing. To which my husband kindly tried to cheer me up by reminding me that I just spend a week with my family and new nephew. I should be justly thankful, but you know what? Sometimes I just want it all, not a slice. love you and miss you

  2. amen, sister. i think you and i could dub our first year as learning to be satisfied with "just a slice."