celebrating mere

Last Friday night required D to devote himself to some church duties. Miraculously [with four busy schedules], a much needed girl night was planned and executed. And I mean miraculously.

[Notice: good food, tacky sweaters, great company]

We had much to celebrate - a successful postgraduate school interview, an upcoming graduation, a growing baby boy, the end to a successful student teaching semester, other imminent changes, and another Christmas as friends.

Those were the spoken celebrations at least. I believe there to had been a quiet thankfulness. Thankful that this core group was formed for surviving those college years. Thankful that, though there are curves in the road ahead, there is no end in sight. And thankful that we know one another well enough to do this...

[Blame the cake balls. Besides, we were the only ones in Brew Ha Ha.]

Later that weekend we learned that that postgraduate school interview was indeed successful, and our very own Mere is our very own future dentist and soon to be New Orleans resident! The Dean of Admissions called her a "slam dunk." We knew that, Dean. We're just glad that you saw it too. Dr. Patton, DDS. Has a nice ring to it, yes?

In between all of that good food, tacky sweaters, and devilish cake balls were talks of change, baby name ideas, Christmas wishlist accounts, remembered stories, and a whole lot of laughing. And, at one point, big happy tears on my part. What. You don't cry when you're out with your girlfriends? Just me? Huh. 

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