today is my ashley's birthday

Happy birthday to my beautiful best friend, Ashley Harper Binns.

If you don't know Ashley, I wish [for your sake] that you did. If you knew her, you'd get to experience the astonishing amount of love that she has to give. Love that spills over from her intimate relationship with the Lord.

If you knew her you'd know that she's a lover of fun. She's a great dance partner even with our early discovery of her complete inability to shimmy. Good thing she has many other fine qualities. She has one of those incredibly contagious laughs. She is our celebrator of life.

You would know that she rarely makes it through a movie awake, looks cute in glasses, and is a lover of sunshine and sandy feet.

And you'd know that her loyalty is deep.

She has allowed us to walk with her through times that were bitter, times that were sweet, and times that gave balance to the two. There will be more of all three, I'm sure - all tangled up in exciting changes and new chapters in the big big story the Lord is orchestrating for her.

You see, Ashley's heart has never been planted in the US of A. We've always known that, one day, she'd be obedient to go and to make. We knew this from her early trips to Malawi, her African-inspired bedrooms, the way she loves on Mexican children, and a new love for the East. It is a testament to the Lord's highlighted purpose and to the faithfulness that he has instilled in His girl Ashley.

I secretly hope I can be there, one day, when he utters, "Well done, good and faithful servant." It is inevitable.

So here is a deep thank you for being one of my very favorite life-sharers, Ash. I pray that technology will keep us close, that we'll always get to share clothes, and that people will never stop asking if we're twins. I love you.

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