the impossibles

We took that love language test. And, I have to admit, it was pretty enlightening/accurate. To Dustin's horror, gifts is one of the ways that I both show love and feel loved. Which, like many things, is opposite for D. That's alright - a bigger challenge means bigger growth, right? Maybe that will comfort him.

I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoy the thinking, the remembering, the planning, and the purchasing of gifts. I jot down ideas throughout the year in my phone or planner. Its a good thing too because Dustin couldn't think of one thing to put on his Christmas list.

The only thing that I don't enjoy is whenever I'm stumped for an idea. It's usually whenever that person has everything they could possibly need [which is most of us] and/or you've used all of your mental notes for him or her. That leaves me in a crumpled, tearful ball on the floor and feeling like an utter failure. I'm sure you can understand. No? Just me?

What I'm about to tell you makes me sound like a big gift-giving, shopping dork. But its a proven method. Yea, I just said proven method. In those seemingly hopeless gifting situations, I think about what that person is really interested in or what they might use the most on a day to day basis. And then, thanks to the incredible and steadily increasing creative community, I try to find the updated and sometimes extraordinary version. Let me tell you that my ceramic measuring cups from Anthropologie make baking so much more exciting than the white plastic ones.



  1. Love this post so much. Jeremy and I's love languages are polar opposites as well, but I'm starting to think that's part of what makes you fall in love with your soulmate.

    Also, the envelope clutch from the previous post? Ugh. Lust.

  2. oohh my I want a ticket stub holder...I just have them all in a box! So many great ideas! <3