First of all: geaux tigers! Obviously Les Miles only needs half of a ball game to win. Four whole quarters? That's for amateurs. We only need two. Have I ever told you that I wish Les Miles was my uncle or something? I am, obviously, a big fan of our coach. Uncle Les. I think it has a good ring to it.

Below little graphic with my favorite Christmastime verse. It can be downloaded here.

Lately, I've been dwelling on the depth of the meaning of this verse. I wonder if my heart will ever grasp it as deeply as those whose ears heard its original proclamation, who laid eyes on their long awaited King in babe form. How thankful I am that He is the same Jesus I know today. How thankful I am that He came.

More on that later.

Even if its a warm winter day [as it is in Baton Rouge], I hope you have had a taste of Christmas joy today! My tree and its white lights do the trick every time.

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