home for the holidays

Even though I'm slightly mourning that my favorite weekend of the year has come and gone, the memories of our first married Christmas are great ones.

I loved spending time with my sweet grandfather.

And worn out little girls.

How fun it was to watch Daddy Brandon and Uncle Dustin piecing together that Disney Princess bike.

Which was obviously a success.

 The impossible even happened [Brandon is the biggest Auburn fan I know which means he also really hates Alabama].

We spent the entire day in our pajamas.

And tucked ourselves around the dining room table for my absolute favorite part of Christmas day - brunch and reading the Christmas story. My cream cheese apple tart is a recent addition.

I absolutely wish I could eat Christmas morning casserole, Mama Dot's cheese grits, cinnamon rolls, and apple tart every single day. But then I guess it wouldn't make it quite as special.

I truly hope your Christmas holiday lived up to all its expected excitement. I hope that, whoever you were with, you laughed until your sides hurt. I hope that you were reminded of the grace and mercy that was born to us in the most humble of ways. And I hope that it will continue to be new and astonishing to us every morning when our feet hit the floor.

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  1. Your grandfather is so cute! I think grandparents are the best ever!

    Your pictures brought back memories of my uncles assembling my first little mermaid bike...took them forever..haha :-)